Building information Modelling (BIM) is revolutionizing the building industry. It is replacing the 2-D hand drafting tools and methodologies that have been the industry standard for decades. Our BIMallowed us to offer technologically advanced solutions to our clients and to our site team as well.

BIM uses digital technology and advanced software to visualise the built environment and improve the way buildings and systems are designed, co-ordinated, built, commissioned and operated.

One of the great aspects of the BIM tools is Visualisation. With the 3D environment and with the collaboration of all other services, we can now design in a virtual space and confirm that what we have designed actually works and can be installed later on in the field.

Our clients are rapidly embracing BIM for the enhanced productivity and superior end product it can deliver.

As one of the BIM mechanical leaders in Australia, our experienced team can support projects by offering:
_*BIM project management
*BIM project coordination
*BIM consultancy
*3D Revit modelling
*BIM scheduling
*3D Simulation_

Main BIM Projects undertaken:

200 George St:

BIM modelling & Coordination

Abercrombie School of Business:

Level of detail: LOD 500
BIM modelling & Coordination

Bega South East Regional Hospital:

BIM Project Management, Modelling & Coordination

Byron Bay Central Hospital:

BIM Project Management, Modelling & Coordination